The process of storing and moving goods to the customer or end user includes fulfillment, packing, shipping, delivery, and customer service. This is known as outbound logistics This focuses on the side of supply and demand. It connects companies to their customers. It helps to move products to their final destination and fulfill consumer needs.

Steps involved in this type

  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Picking
  • Delivery


Packing is the first step of outbound logistics, which includes packing the product properly to avoid damage during transport. The products that need to be delivered are labeled and moved further for the next step.


Shipping is the next step to packing, where the shipping area begins to place the products in the transport vehicles that are received from the packing section. Here the product moves a little closer to the designation.

transport services


This is the next step of shipping. The products shipped from the warehouse or companies are delivered to distribution centers, shops, and retailers. Here the product is stored and distributed for final delivery. From this point, the delivery partner takes the product to the customer.


Delivery is the last step where the products picked are moved to the customer’s address from a distribution center. The product will be delivered to your customer’s hand.

The difference between the workings of outbound and inbound logistics

Outbound logistics is the process of moving the products towards the consumers from the company to the customer for sale. Inbound logistics is the process of moving the raw material to the producer.

Outbound and inbound logistics work together with different roles. Choose logistics based on your organization’s requirements. It is calculated on the basis of the product outcomes of your factory. This is a chain function; the supply chain should be run perfectly. If there is any delay or fault in this chain, the delivery will be delayed or the production will be stopped. If the production is stopped, the delivery will also be stopped. The customer will not receive the product on time. So their opinion about your company will change and lead to a huge loss.