A “stealth account” is one that is created with non-existent personal data. Essentially, it’s a new identity that you may use to resume selling on eBay or Amazon. If you’re seeking for high limit, verified eBay accounts, you’ve come to the right spot. Sellers Help 24 provides a range of high limit eBay accounts (both UK and US) and a satisfaction guarantee. Sellers Help 24 has been in business for years and has a customer retention rate of more than 80% because they take customer assistance and product quality extremely seriously. Sellers Help 24 sells professionally designed eBay and Amazon USA/UK seller accounts. They have been thoroughly checked, authorised, and are ready for usage. Well, you can visit them at sellershelp24.com

Stealth eBay

The eBay marketplace is a well-regulated environment. So, if your account was previously banned, you will be unable to reactivate it under the same name.

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Amazon’s marketplace is considerably stricter and more highly controlled than eBay’s. Setting up an Amazon seller account is difficult. So, if a seller is suspended by Amazon, their only option is to open a stealth Amazon account. Many individuals want to start selling on Amazon but are unsure how to set up an account and have it verified. Others just wish to avoid the inconvenience of registering their own account(s). It’s especially tough if you’ve already had an account banned or suspended. Creating a functional Amazon account becomes increasingly difficult as time passes, particularly in 2022. So purchasing an Amazon account is undoubtedly one of the more appealing and effective solutions. Another scenario in which these accounts (stores) are utilised is by experienced Amazon sellers who have had their old accounts banned and wish to resume selling. They have clients who lost their whole family income by ‘betting’ everything on one Amazon account. That is why, if you want to earn big money from Amazon, they recommend establishing at least two distinct accounts. In addition, they have been in business for about 4 years and have many satisfied consumers.