The beauty of freshwater shrimps adds life to your aquarium. Seeing them in every corner with the fish in an aquarium makes everything inside lively. Added with live plants, such as the aquarium carpet plants feel like a kingdom of fish. Check the varieties of aquarium shrimp for sale  below and get some discounts.

The fire red shrimp

The fire red shrimp is a higher-grade shrimp seen in many planted tanks. The fire-red strain is developed through selective breeding to rigorous culling, consistently producing specimens with an opaque deep red body. Fire red or cherry shrimp s are the easiest shrimp to keep. So, when you are a beginner in the world of aquatic petting, you may choose this family of shrimp, they can effortlessly reproduce and survive in various conditions.

Indeed, fire-red shrimps are ideal for beginners. The fire red shrimps are not naturally occurring species because they are a product of selective breeding. The consensus is it was developed from red cherry shrimp, which is selectively bred from the wild freshwater shrimp, native to Asia without red color.


Red Rili shrimp

The Red Rili shrimp is a variant color of the fire red shrimp. The fire red shrimps are a product of the red cherry shrimp breeding for vibrant colouration. The red Rili shrimp was created by its bold translucent red and white striping and became a very stable line. It has a dynamic and striking addition to the freshwater aquarium that stands out beautifully, a great contrast to the dark substrate.

The striping pattern of Red Rili shrimp is red at the front part of the body and on the head. It has a red tail and a translucent white stripe in the body at the middle part.

Red Rili shrimps are very active, scavenging the tank and cleaning up waste. These shrimps love to feed off of the naturally occurring biofilm and algae in a planted tank. These shrimps are quite low maintenance and they can help keep the tank clean. Red Rili can withstand a wide range of water parameters, and the life expectancy can be up to two years when well cared for.

Yes, Red Rili shrimps are eager breeders, which makes them an ideal choice for the beginners of shrimp breeding in freshwater. The Red Rili shrimp are not an aggressive species, and it combined with versatility, making them a good choice as tank companions.

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